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US businesses

According to statistics of the U.S. Census Bureau from the year 2008, there are more than 27 million companies registered in the United States of America. As companies are generally registered to create wealth and make money, they will need to sell a product or service. These 27+ million US businesses will need to send out invoices to charge for their services and products.

Send out invoices in the USA

Invoices are also commonly known as Bills in the United States. However, US invoices should not be confused with purchase orders. Invoices in the US have to include the date of the invoice, the name and (postal) address of the customer who receives the invoice and the name and address of the company who sends out the invoice. A valid US invoice template also has to include description and prices of the products and services a US business bills for. Invoice templates for US businesses should also include payment terms such as due dates and late payment fees.

Invoice Template for US businesses

Invoice template for US businesses

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