Free Invoice Templates

Invoice templates are documents which are used by freelancers, sole traders and small businesses to create invoices for their clients.

Running a small business or being a freelancer can be very tiring at times and business owners often forget to deal with writing invoices. One of the problems often encountered by businesses is that they do not know the exact invoice format required for their kind of business.

The invoice templates provided on this website help businesses to run their operations and can be modified easily to create own and unique invoices with your company name and logo in the invoice header.

You can also adjust the invoice footers by adding your VAT number, company registration number and payment terms. They invoice templates provided feature general payment terms such as “Please pay your invoice within 15 days” which can be easily changed and modified to your company’s standard terms.

Some of our invoice templates also feature “Late payment terms” which can be adjusted according to your company’s policies regarding the late payment of an invoice.

An invoice template is important because invoices serve as legal documents which have certain requirements. The invoice header must include company details such as the company address, the customer’s address, the invoice number, the PO (purchase order) number and the date of invoice.

It is important that enough space is provided on an invoice template to accommodate all these financial information as invoices can be invalid if legally required details are missing.

We hope you enjoy our invoice templates and recommend them to other businesses.